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- Student admissions from different countries
- Free enrollment in contracting universities

Conducting management courses around the world and awarding certificates from Georgia

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Admissions from universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Georgia, Russia ...

Course Fee: Refer to Tuition section

Conducting a conference in Iran and Georgia

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Why our academy

Our academy is registered in Georgia and is licensed.
This academy has partnerships with some universities and science centers.

The first feature

Our teaching faculty are experienced and competent to Doctorate level.

Second feature

Most of our courses don’t have entry restriction.

Third Feature

Our courses prepare you for employment or job progressions.

Fourth feature

Learn in a flexible environment in your own time.

Opinion of the Academy Students

Katie Nickels

"The certificate helps in gaining a comprehensive knowledge of retail management and exposes processes that are relevant, the better understanding of customer relations, merchandising, store operations etc. I will surely recommend this course to my friends."

Logan Halinger

"I have studied for a Certificate in Business and Management. The main features of this qualification involved knowing what a business is, and how it is managed. I would recommend this to others."

Daniel Emmet

"With this short course, I have learnt how to develop an in-depth understanding of your customer and how to develop a customer service strategy successful for every business. I would recommend this course to everyone who seeks a more deep understanding of customers and how to create a connection with them."

Academy professors

Professors of the North Pardis International Academy are honorary members

Professor Javan Eichswilly

Academic Member of the International Pardis Academy
28 years of university teaching experience

Professor Alexander Advadsez

Academic Member of the International Pardis Academy
14 years of university teaching experience

Dr. Morteza Sediq

Academic Member of the International Pardis Academy
 several years of teaching experience in Iranian universities

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Problem in mail
27 July 2019

Problem in mail

E-mail Academy has a problem. please be patient please contact with this E-mail:

Fake Certificate
11 May 2019

Fake Certificate

Attention All certifications are in Persian or English/Persian are not valid Sample Fake Certificates

Fake website
06 April 2019

Fake website

important Notice The following websites are fake and have no connection with this center : The only official...

Important alert
18 March 2019

Important alert

The North Pardis International Academy has no representation or advisor in Iran. Certificates of this center are in Latin. No equivalence certification is issued at degree level .

starting DBA
05 February 2019

starting DBA

Designed for executive-level working professionals, the Doctor of Business Administration at North Pardis International Academy emphasizes management theory and strategic...

Acceptance of the faculty
22 January 2019

Acceptance of the faculty

All faculty members and university instructors in Iran and Georgia and other countries are invited to join the academy faculty.

Significant applicants from Iran
19 January 2019

Significant applicants from Iran

The Rashidi foreign language school is the only recognized education co-educator in Iran. Please ask us for approved Academy Centers.

Attention please
19 January 2019

Attention please

The North Pardis International Academy has no representation in Iran for certification of education and is not approved. Sample certified certification: