- How do i apply and what is the deadlne for Applications?

You can request an application by writing an email to info@pardis-academy.com (Please provide us your full name and contact information). We will email you a short application form in return. You can apply at any time. We will offer you an admission and then activate your course. You will receive a username, password and a link to access the full qualification.

- Are there any entry requirements to study a particular course?

Not necessary in all cases. However, if you are applying to the undergraduate (Level 4 to Level 6) or a Postgraduate qualification (Level 7 and above), we suggest you to have a good knowledge of the subject, prior level qualification or work experience before enrolment.

- How long doese it take to complete a course ?

You can complete course in your own time. On an average, we offer fast track online teaching and learning experience where you can complete any course Level 3 to Level 8 in six months. You can also choose an option to study these courses in 9, 12 or 24 months.

- what is an admission appications process timescale?

Once you will submit an application and pay fees then we will take only 2-3 days to offer you an admission and then we will activate your online learning platform.

- I am not sure what to study . can you help me ?

Don't worry. Yes, we will help you in selecting the right course. Please get in touch with our support team by writing an email to info@pardis-academy.com. We recommend you to provide your full name, contact information e.g. telephone/mobile/WhatsApp number, area of interest and or any relevant information to deal with your requests.

- Can i studu doctorate of business administration ?

Yes, we offer DBA into two stages. In the stage 1- you will study internationally recognised and accredited Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership while in the stage 2 – you will write thesis.